Photowalk and star-shaped bokeh

Last week, I got to meet and hang out with Sean, another local-ish photographer; I say ‘ish’ because he flies to Finland all the time… We went on a photowalk through Stanley Park, on the nicest day during the week. YAY, no rain. It wasn’t terribly sunny, but at least it wasn’t too cold! He took some photos of me (which were awkward, by the way), including my bio picture at the top of this page! :] Thanks a bunch. We found some super crunchy leaves (such a rarity in Vancouver- seriously), and talked about pretty much anything. You know you’ve gotten to a comfortable level when you can joke about head lice within 30 min. of first meeting someone, haha. (That, or we’re just plain weird). Disclaimer: there are no photos including Sean, because he refused to let me photograph him! Bah, so instead, you can check out some leaf photos! Yay. (?)

So, we found this field that had 2 rows of trees in the middle, and all the fallen leaves were contained to the area just between the trees. It was pretty rad. (I thought someone used a leafblower)

The obligatory shoe photo. *Mine, not his*

Oooh, a mysterious floating leaf! (Favourite)

The epic sunset near Lost Lagoon (I <3 clouds)

Starbucks busted out their red Christmas cups. (This was only Nov. 4th!)

Oh, the following photos are some shots I snapped at night time. I basically made a lens cover (out of black construction paper), and cut out a star shape at the front. Then dialed the aperture to f/1.4, and voila, every out of focus light spot turned into STARS. <3 I love shaped bokeh. Hearts are next.

Who knew traffic could look so pretty? 😀

Okay, maybe there were too many pictures of the star bokeh, but I thought it was pretty exciting 😀 It’s almost time for finals, so I’ll probably be blogging less until finals are over (Dec. 14th). But I will still occasionally pop back and ramble a bit, most likely 😀

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  1. I can’t believe sean wouldn’t let you take any photos of him! I’m going to write to him a formal complaint haha. GREAT photos! I love the colors of the leaves .. and that mysterious floating leaf is awesome!!! Also, I’m definitely definitely definitely going to copy your shaped bokeh idea soon! It came out so beautifully! Great work 🙂

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