Vanessa- Vancouver Photographer

Vanessa and I actually went to high school together, but she graduated 2 years before I did. I found out this summer that she was also starting up her own photography business. (Check out her site here!) What better than to do headshots of each other! Yay. We did them at SFU (again, I know… But I GO there, and I’m there 5 days a week. And I promise these are different than the last SFU post…) Most photographers claim to be awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera (probably because we’re behind the camera all the time!), but Vanessa pretty much rocked it. (PS. I love your shirt, V!!) OK, on to the photos…

I <3 window light…

This one really reminds me of Pocahontas… Haha.

Oh, people kept stopping in the halls for this following shot, little did they know, we WANTED them to keep walking…

Work it, Vanessa, work it!


Haha, representin’

Hope you like these, Vanessa. And thanks for letting me photograph you (on a rainy Friday afternoon…)! <3

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  1. Hahah, that last shot is pretty cute! Love the first one too, and all of these are fun! You’re terribly good at this.

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