Omigosh, I won something?!?!

So, today in lecture, (best lead-in phrase, EVER), instead of listening to presentations, I was checking e-mails on my brand new iPhone (<3). I get an e-mail from Jose Villa. Nervously, I click on it, and the contents of that e-mail reveal that I won one of two Fuji Film Instax Mini 7s Cameras!!! AHH.

All I did was leave a comment and my e-mail address, and I won! I’m still in a state of shock. There were (I went back and checked ;D) 1,127 comments on that post. That means that I was one of the two people chosen from 1,127 people!!! I’m still in awe of that statistic. Have I mentioned that I’ve never won anything in my life before?! Not even a door prize to an event that had ~30 attendants. I honestly have the worst luck ever. I can’t be thankful enough! (I think I e-mailed Jose 3 times because I was so excited- and would forget to ask something). 😀 He said I could blog/tweet about it!! AHH, I am so thankful to Jose and Fuji Film for being super awesome!!!

And now, I eagerly plant myself next to my mail box until my baby arrives!

This picture is from Jose’s blog: (In fact, I think the second photo IS of Jose… :/ Mystical…)

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  1. ok i dunno what happened buti clicked to make that comment on your other post and it ended up here. still not used to the trackpad on my macbookpro! Yikes!!!! sorry lol

  2. omg these are fabulous!!!!!!! soooo much fierocity (think i just made up that word) right here!! i especially the photos in the garage and at night. AMAZING!!!

  3. ooo mm gggg congrats!!! that’s sooo awesome sherry!!! and happy thanksgiving to you too, though it’s a bit late. hope you had a wonderful one!!!

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