Omigosh, I won something?!?!

So, today in lecture, (best lead-in phrase, EVER), instead of listening to presentations, I was checking e-mails on my brand new iPhone (<3). I get an e-mail from Jose Villa. Nervously, I click on it, and the contents of that e-mail reveal that I won one of two Fuji Film Instax Mini 7s Cameras!!! AHH.

All I did was leave a comment and my e-mail address, and I won! I’m still in a state of shock. There were (I went back and checked ;D) 1,127 comments on that post. That means that I was one of the two people chosen from 1,127 people!!! I’m still in awe of that statistic. Have I mentioned that I’ve never won anything in my life before?! Not even a door prize to an event that had ~30 attendants. I honestly have the worst luck ever. I can’t be thankful enough! (I think I e-mailed Jose 3 times because I was so excited- and would forget to ask something). 😀 He said I could blog/tweet about it!! AHH, I am so thankful to Jose and Fuji Film for being super awesome!!!

And now, I eagerly plant myself next to my mail box until my baby arrives!

This picture is from Jose’s blog: (In fact, I think the second photo IS of Jose… :/ Mystical…)

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  • Ashleigh - ok i dunno what happened buti clicked to make that comment on your other post and it ended up here. still not used to the trackpad on my macbookpro! Yikes!!!! sorry lol

  • Ashleigh - omg these are fabulous!!!!!!! soooo much fierocity (think i just made up that word) right here!! i especially the photos in the garage and at night. AMAZING!!!

  • Meredith Perdue - Oh my gosh! You were one of the winners- congratulations! I’m SO jealous! Cannot wait to see some of your pictures you take with it!

  • Michelle Kane - Rad. You’ll have so much fun with this little gem. Congrats!!!

  • Cathy Crawley - Wow, you are the lucky one who won the Holga! Congratulations!!!

  • Danielle - girrrl you gotta know I’m jealous! I want one! lol you better post your photos from it 🙂

  • Laura Abigail - what a cute camera! congrats!

  • Katelyn Fraser Photo - How fun!! You’ll e able to take all sorts or interesting shots with this!

  • Lacey Reimann - That looks like a fun little camera! Congrats on your first lucky win!

  • Ica - ooo mm gggg congrats!!! that’s sooo awesome sherry!!! and happy thanksgiving to you too, though it’s a bit late. hope you had a wonderful one!!!

  • Katya Nova - Congrats Sherry! Can’t wait to see the creativity flow 🙂 It was meant to be!

  • kirsty - yay for winning i never win anything x

  • Christine Pobke - Congrats on winning! I have one and LOVE it!!! 🙂

  • Brianna Phelan - That’s awesome. Congrats and have fun with it 🙂

  • marissa moss - yay! congratulations! i’d be super excited too!!

  • {15:51} photography - lucky girl 😉

  • Sean - Neeeaaattttt! You’ve got a few new toys to play with haven’t you!

  • Nicole - WOW jealous…that’s a pretty cool looking prize. It’s like a ROUND camera omg. Haha.

  • Rebecca - Congrats, that’s so cool!

  • Cathy Empey - OK! That is so cool! And from Jose Villa even better! Congratulations!

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