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DISNEYLANNNNNNDDDDD! I’m here *again*! I believe this marks the 4th time in 25 months. Is that excessive? Maybe. But DO I LOVE IT? Yes I do! 🙂

In line for the new Star Tours ride. We waited for 1.5 hours!

Antisocial Pam…


🙂 I got these R2D2 ears <3 AND got my name embroidered!! EEEP.

Showing off my new hat.

Best. Shadow. Ever.

Jumping for joy @ the Happiest Place on Earth!


Waiting in line for Haunted Mansion!

Working on my flip flop tan.

The Matterhorn. I <3 this ride, but it’s been closed 3/4 times I’ve visited- BOO.

We’re so cool 8 )

Photo below was a fluke self-portrait! 🙂 Yay for holding DSLR’s at arms length and snapping. This must’ve looked RIDICULOUS to onlookers.

Oh my. Scariest ride ever. I rode it when I was 9, and hated it ever since. Avoided it 3 previous trips to Disneyland/California Adventure. Somehow I got talked into riding this again. I do not really enjoy the free-falling sensation. Ya. My knees were like jelly for ~2 hours afterward.

I need to go again when this is built!

I could not be persuaded to go on California Screamin’ (especially after Tower of Terror!)

Waiting for World of Colour to start- it was AMAZING <3


My favourite Mouses <3

I had an AMAZING time @ Disneyland (again). I seriously could have an annual pass and *still* not get sick of it. (happy sigh)

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