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At the end of June, I went on a one-day road trip to Seattle, WA with Matthew, Linus and Justin. Yep, the same crew that hit up California in February 2010. Um. Slightly ashamed to say this, but the main purpose of the trip was to eat cheap chicken nuggets. Haha. We had seen an ad for 50 nuggets for $9.99 on Sundays. No way could we turn that down. So we picked a convenient Sunday and headed down. The unofficial title of this trip was “The Eating Tour of Seattle.” May or may not tip you off as to what we did there ;D

Mexican Coke’s @ Bang Bang Cafe!

The most confusing sign in the world.

I simply adore peonies <3

They were everywhere @ Pike’s Place Market!

The Original Starbucks. We did not line up to go here.

I REALLY wanted to eat here (again), but the line was giant!

You BET I got macarons here!! <3 I always do.

Ahaha. I want “MEE SUM” pastry. SAY IT OUT LOUD. Doo it.

Fresh ceviche <3

This is how I decide the order to eat them in. Sample first. Rank, then eat in order of least –> most favourite.




*aside: WOW my friends are special…*

This parking structure looks like the Titanic.

We went on an Underground Tour of Seattle! SO cool.


We got 150 chicken nuggets, between 4 people. YAY.

This is what it looks like in a stack.

Annnnd, the aftermath.

Matthew and Justin trying to out-eat each other. This is how painful it is to eat your 43/44 nuggets.

End of the day

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  1. Holy moly thats a lot of nuggets! what a beautiful place seatle seams to be. Shooting locations around every single corner it looks like…

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