Portraits | Sharleen (1/2)

At last! Portraits with Sharleen from the day we visited Sedona together! (The first part at least…) It took about an hour and a half just to get there, but it was totally worth it! I was so in awe of the red rock contrasting against the blue skies… Sharleen and I spent around an hour the night before putting together 4 outfits to photograph 😀 Sharleen also collects vintage cameras, so we used them as props 🙂

You can kind of see me too 🙂

Hanging out at L’Auberge

And there you have it! The first part of our portrait sesh together. For those counting, yep, that was 3 outfits. So the last one is to come! It was around sunset, and quite possibly resulted in some of my most favourite portrait images evereverever.

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  1. she has an incredible look in front of the camera. she just ‘has it’. you’re so creative in all of these, sherry. huge kudos 🙂 i love part 2 of her as well. there are some gorgeous shots as twilight set in.

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