Travel | Arizona (2/2)

Arizona, continued!

Sharleen and I also got to go see the Desert Botanical Gardens 🙂 Oh my. SO many cacti and succulents. By the way. Is it just me, or do you think desert gardens would be the EASIEST thing to upkeep? Haha.

🙂 Pretty bokeh! <3  Gosh, I love my 85mm f/1.4 lens (/dork)

Oh my gosh. The saddest story every 🙁

Oh. Saguaro cacti arms can get really heavy (from all the stored water), so they can get wrinkly!

Love succulents. They’re so cute 🙂

We also went horseback riding at MacDonalds Ranch. But they wouldn’t let me take my DSLR on the ride. Since I don’t have a point & shoot, these photos are from after the ride, when I got to photograph some horses 🙂


🙂 The ranch also had a petting farm area, where we met this cute little guy…

Fuzzy wuzzy ears <3

Baby bunny. So adorable.

We then went to Olive + Ivy for happy hour.

Apple, walnut & stinky cheese bruschetta.

TRUFFLE FRIES. Oh my. Need them in Vancouver!


Sharleen, my light-test subject.

This is Dary! She e-mailed me after she read that I’d be in Scottsdale! We met her at Olive + Ivy for happy hour 🙂 We have a lovely chat about photography, Arizona, and fun things in general!!

On the way to Sedona!

Oooooh. Red rocks.

This one is called Bell Rock 🙂

Mesas. Since the tops were flat- like tables…

Lunch at L’Auberge 🙂

Me, holding Sharleen’s Polaroid camera. (This one didn’t work :d)

Yaay. My obligatory tourist photo 🙂

Oh goodness. This sunset was amazing. If it wasn’t for the thorny plants growing in this field, I would’ve been found rolling on the ground in sheer joy.

The red earth!

On my last morning, before my flight in the afternoon, I got to meet up with Lizzie Kimball and Allison Bess for breakfast. Did you know that they had styrofoam faces? ;D

Just kidding! 🙂

Annnd that concludes my 2 week trip in 3 different states! I have been home for just over a month, and already I am itching to go traveling again. This is getting a little out of hand ;D I have one more (huge) post from Sedona coming- portraits with Sharleen! Soon, young grasshopper, soon.

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  1. yeah, but what if you had a cacti garden in vancouver? you could never leave the garden because all you’d be doing is bucketing out rain water.
    anyway. the red rock is pretty sweet – that must be really surreal in person, and i love where you eat. i should follow you around.

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