Portraits | Sharleen (2/2)

As promised, the second half (well, less than half) of the portraits with Sharleen! Her cardigan/wrap is from Anthropologie. We actually found it just a few days before, and decided it would make an excellent outfit. Her mom had offhandedly mentioned that it looked a little bit tribal, so we took that idea and ran with it. We also just happened to have timed it for sunset, and I think the light made it even more awesome.

Love my 85mm lens. I am reminded of it every time I use it!

I’ve always wanted to do a half-face shot!

And with this post concludes photos from my trip! Regular programming will resume shortly. Hope y’all enjoyed!

13 responses to “Portraits | Sharleen (2/2)”

  1. Looks great over here Sherry! I love this shoot. The location, girl + wardrobe all work so well together! Ps – I WANT that sweater, where is it from?? XO

  2. These are so beautiful, looooove the outfit. And such an amazing location, wow! Love the half-face, looks very cute.

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