Travel | Seattle (2/2)

Day 3 of our Seattle trip 🙂 Lots of detail photos… I do love market places- they are always so photogenic.

Heading to Pike’s Place in the morning

Being attacked by strong strong winds…

🙂 It was really windy that morning… We quickly gave up on umbrellas.

Haha. Jenny being attacked by the wind…

Some steep Seattle streets… (wow, major alliteration)

My green tea latte from Seattle’s Best 🙂

These were the biggest shrimp I’ve EVER seen.

Oh my. Fresh shrimp cocktail. So delicious.

We bough a selection of pastries from Le Panier and Piroshki Piroshki to try…

In the afternoon, we went to the Pacific Science Center and saw the Harry Potter Exhibition 8) We are super cool (read: nerds)

The PSC just happened to be next to the Space Needle 🙂 And oh, the sun *did* peek out on our last day.

I may or may not have made one of these…

YES I DEFINITELY DID!!!! 🙂 His name is Max (short for Maximus).

He’s an orange T-Rex, and likes to be photographed…

We headed to Gasworks Park right before sunset for some portraits (which will be the next post :D)

Eating dinner at Bizarro. Max eyeing my pasta.

We then hit up a little Japanese cafe for a late-night snack. I’m pretty sure we ate ~7 times a day. Haha.


I had so much fun in Seattle, and actually saw the city. Despite being the closest US city, it isn’t a place that I frequent… I’ll be blogging the portraits from Gasworks Park and then the rest of my trip shortly!

4 responses to “Travel | Seattle (2/2)”

  1. haahaha. how ironic is your photo of the green tea! the shots of the girls in the wind are hilarious! pike place market is amazing eh? i always want to bring back fresh flowers but customs 🙁 love all the photos you took in there! everything looks so delicious!

  2. Amazing photos! The tulips are so so beautiful and your food photos make me hungry! The wind attack ones are priceless! 🙂

  3. Hahah! COOL! Everything about this post! Max is too cute! I think we’d be good travel buddies – food and photos! Right up my alley. ;P

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