Portraits | Esther & Nancy & Jenny & Linda

On our last day in Seattle, our car (comprising of Esther, Nancy, Linda, Jenny and I) hit up Gasworks Park for a quick photoshoot :)  It was really fun for us because we all studied abroad together. And with Esther living in San Francisco, I in Vancouver, and Nancy, Jenny and Linda in LA, we don’t get to hang out together very often…

First, Max insisted on getting a photo with the ladiez.

Linda, trying to stay warm 🙂


I loved Nancy’s clutch, and her socks with bows! I do have an incredible weakness for bows…

And Miss Jenny, rocking her brand-new H&M sweater (which looks SO cozy).


I had to include this following photo because Esther’s facial expression is PRICELESS.

Linda, with wind in the hair!

And Nancy!

Oh yep. Wind in the hair = my favourite.

Someone said that Esther looks like a secret agent in this photo 😀

Totes (read: totally) borrowing Nancy’s clutch …

Aha. No trip is complete without a jumping photo attempt…

I had SO MUCH FUN with these girls (ladies??) in Seattle, and I would LOVE to visit them again in California ;D Yet to come, photos from Oregon and Arizona!!

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