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After spending the weekend in Seattle, I got to jet down to Portland (Oregon) for a whole week! I have 2 friend (also from my study abroad term) who recently got jobs in Portland, so I thought I’d fly down and visit!

Funny story though. I arrived at SEA-TAC around an hour and a half before my flight was scheduled to depart. Thinking that I had a lot of time, I sat down and ate (with Esther, Jenny & co.). Then wandered over to my gate (which was accessible via tram). But, I thought it would be a good idea to go pee before I boarded the plane. Annnnd, by the time I made it to my gate, the lady told me that they already finished boarding and the plane was taking off. Aha. Apparently it’s a 40-seater plane from SEA-TAC to PDX, and it boards in 10 minutes. I was late by 5 minutes… Luckily they were able to put me on the next flight (only an hour and a half later). But now I definitely will arrive on time at my gate from now on… 😀 Lesson learned…

Photos out of the plane window…

Haha. I like how 1/4000th of a second is fast enough to freesze the propellers 🙂

This is the living room of my friend’s place where I stayed (in the NW 23rd area). I LOVED staying in that part of town. So many places were walkable. Even downtown Portland was just 20-ish blocks away.

Confession: I LOVE over-easy eggs, but I can’t flip eggs. So I can only ever make scrambled eggs. (sighs)

Oh. Saburo’s sushi in Portland serves GIANT sushi. We got 3 rolls, 6 pieces of inari, and 2 pieces of tuna sushi and fed three people…

Portland is a bike-friendly city too

I went on a photo walk one day (while my friend was as work).

More Portland photos to come! As well as Arizona 🙂

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  1. haha, funny story about your flight, but great shots out the window. the light sure got nice in that hour and a half delay.

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