Travel | Portland (2/2)

More photos from Portland! 🙂

Anthropologie is definitely one of my favourite stores- EVER. And since we don’t have one in Vancouver (yet), every time I see one in the US, I *have* to run in and pet stuff. Rumours have it that we will be getting our first Anthropologie store in Vancouver in April-ish 2011! (South Granville @ 14th/15th area…) Just remember, you heard it here first!

Powell’s Books! The biggest bookstore in North America? It spans a WHOLE CITY BLOCK (and more). I spent a good 2-3 hours in there; it was quite amazing.

This is the streetcar stop you get off in Portland if you want to visit Anthropologie 🙂

Downtown Portland buildings

Oh hi, Canadian flag 🙂

Is it mean if I think this sign is absolutely hilarious? I understand that it’s trying to warn cyclists about the streetcar tracks, but I just think the graphic is so funny 🙂

Streets are pretty deserted on a weekday morning 🙂

Love the pizza here!

Oh. I LOVE how Portland arranged its streets. It is numbered, AND alphabetized. Hoyt comes in between Glisan and Irving. Amazing. It’s virtually impossible to get lost in downtown Portland 🙂

In case you didn’t know how to pronounce ‘chipotle’

So. I realized after I came home and went through the photos, that I did not take a SINGLE photo with either friend. 🙁 Sadness. And major fail as a photographer… But shoutouts to Dan (who picked me up from the airport), and Paul (who let me crash for a whole week)!

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