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Sooo. I realize this post is ridiculously late, it’s not even funny. But the results of cans for comments (from December…) was 74 comments!!!!! So tonight, I went out and purchased 74 “cans.” (Some were not cans, but still food accepted by the foodbank!)

Thanks to EVERYONE who commented; I could not have done it without you!! 🙂 I didn’t want to lug my camera to the grocery store, so I have a few iPhone snaps to show you what 74 items looked like…

It was semi-amusing (to me, at least) to load up the cart, unload to check out, reload the cart, and unload at the foodbank drop off. The lady behind me in line definitely wasn’t very impressed with my slow conveyor belt-loading skills.

In the cart, right before wheeling this (super heavy) cart to the check out!


Right after checking out, and reloaded to be dropped off at the foodbank.


Thanks SO much again for making this happen! I will hopefully do this again for THIS December. And hopefully, have the results out before February 2012. (Hangs head in shame…)

PS. In my (slight) defense. I have been out of the country for 14 out of the 39 days thus far. :/ On that note, travel photos & monster blog posts are in the near future!!

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  1. Awesome, congrats on 74! Funny thing, for me, I went to the food bank and it was too busy for my liking, so I went back to find the food bank drop off at the grocery store. So I loaded up the cart in the parking lot, entered and dropped them off. Pretty funny too ha!

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