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This is a scheduled post. I’m still out of town~

In late December, my coworker Stephanie and I went up to Grouse Mountain because she was horrified upon hearing that I’ve never had a beavertail before! (It’s a Canadian pastry, kind of like funnel cake…) I’d also never been on a mountain in the wintertime before… I’ve been to Grouse Mountain and Whistler before- but only in the summer. So this was a very exciting experience for me all around!

Hi Steph!

Omg. Icicles!

We were very excited for Beavertails!

Um. NOM.NOM. I want another one…

Definitely one of the most beautiful and delicate things I’ve ever come across! Two little frost-icles? suspended by a THIN piece of ice. I don’t even know how this happened… Just stood in the snow and snapped away at it.

  • Tanya Reynolds - I love these photos! Especially the bright clothes against the white snow!

  • Lissette - Gorgeous photos Sherry. (Am I the only one that noticed that you are NOT wearing any bows in your hair?)

  • Marie - Yay! Grouse mountain. Beaver Tails are sooo good! And your grouse trip reminds me of my Big White trip. Fun times 🙂

  • Taylor Jackson - Hey! Just stumbled across your site! and I couldn’t decide what post I wanted to comment on these pictures are awesome! and the colourful coats (especially the yellow one) stand out amazingly against the snow! your photography is bright and crisp and I love it! can’t wait to see more of your work!

  • Chelsea Nicole - How fun!! And wow, it looks gorgeous up there!

  • jenny Tarau - I think i saw you at Seattle airport on Monday from afar! awesome photos! looks like a blast!

  • Rose - These are amazing Sherry! Looove the snow. Miss it actually. 🙂

  • Chantel - I’ve never even heard of a BeaverTail before (I just Googled it) -does that make me un-Canadian?

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