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This is a scheduled post. I’m still out of town~

In late December, my coworker Stephanie and I went up to Grouse Mountain because she was horrified upon hearing that I’ve never had a beavertail before! (It’s a Canadian pastry, kind of like funnel cake…) I’d also never been on a mountain in the wintertime before… I’ve been to Grouse Mountain and Whistler before- but only in the summer. So this was a very exciting experience for me all around!

Hi Steph!

Omg. Icicles!

We were very excited for Beavertails!

Um. NOM.NOM. I want another one…

Definitely one of the most beautiful and delicate things I’ve ever come across! Two little frost-icles? suspended by a THIN piece of ice. I don’t even know how this happened… Just stood in the snow and snapped away at it.

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  1. Gorgeous photos Sherry. (Am I the only one that noticed that you are NOT wearing any bows in your hair?)

  2. Yay! Grouse mountain. Beaver Tails are sooo good! And your grouse trip reminds me of my Big White trip. Fun times 🙂

  3. Hey! Just stumbled across your site! and I couldn’t decide what post I wanted to comment on these pictures are awesome! and the colourful coats (especially the yellow one) stand out amazingly against the snow! your photography is bright and crisp and I love it! can’t wait to see more of your work!

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