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I recently had the opportunity to photograph food for a review on The Vancouver Observer (Published HERE). This time we went to Japa’s Bistro (552 W. Broadway, Vancouver). Even though I wasn’t writing about the food, I got the taste it as well, and offer some opinions. Be warned: You might be kind of hungry by the end of this post… I’m always super famished after I edit food photos…

Beef sashimi with stuffed olives

Avocado tempura- easily the most amazing thing evar.

The jalapeno dipping sauce trumps any tempura sauce out there…

Spicy California roll

Salmon burger with rice buns! The rice buns definitely added a very interesting texture.

They also had a kimono on the wall!

Inside the restaurant

What it looks like on the outside…

Yep. I like photographing food ;D

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  1. Oh my goodness – WOW! Gorgeous photos -seeing these makes me want to hop on the next flight to Vancouver *just* to eat there! 🙂

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