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    Things| Edible Flours

    Edible Flours is a fairly new vegan-friendly bakery in Vancouver. It’s located at 2280 W Broadway in Vancouver (really close to Arbutus/Broadway). I got to go review this place with Vanessa from the Vancouver Observer 🙂 Their stuff is really tasty, and I couldn’t even tell that the cookies were vegan! The cupcake/doughnut did have […]

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    Things | The BiBo

    So. I got to go on another food review again! 🙂 This time, we went to The Bibo, which is an Italian restaurant on West 4th in Kitsilano. The food was incredible. And I think the most amazing thing. (Okay, the two most amazing things) 1. The food was INCREDIBLE. They source most of their […]