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Even though Aimee didn’t study abroad with me, I met her in Taiwan, through Little Sherry actually! 🙂 She was really excited to be photographed. (Yaaay). She told me that I would LOVE the Pasadena City Hall. And YES. I love that place. The ground in the garden is like packed sand or something?! All the walls are this warm sand colour, which meant light bounced back in the face is INCREDIBLE. Ugh, I could’ve photographed there forever. (Not joking).

Aimee blogs too 🙂

SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THE LIGHT? My future house will be this light sandy colour everywhere.

This may be my favourite. Maybe…

So we went into the bathroom so Aimee could change, and I fell in love with light in there too. The following photos are shot in the bathroom… :/ (Trade secret: Bathrooms generally have lovely light…)

I love big windows and wide window sills. Perfect for photos!

Okay. Back outside. This lady gave us weird looks in the bathroom. Haha. (PS. Right hand shot with wind in hair? Possibly my favourite too…)

Haha. I love this blooper.

Yes. Love this light. Love love love.

Yaaaaaaay. I’m so so glad Aimee thought of this awesome location. I told her we must go back and shoot there the next time I visit ;D

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  1. I LOVE this pictures! She is absolutely stunning! I love how you use the elements around you to enhance the pictures, without overwhelming the picture…such great balance. These definitely belong in a magazine!

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