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    Portraits | Sherry & Aimee

    Ah, the continuation of my California photos!! 🙂 These were taken in South Pasadena, where my friends Sherry (yay!) and Aimee live. I also studied abroad with Sherry! There were THREE Sherry’s during our study-abroad term: Tall Sherry (5’10”), Middle Sherry (me @ 5’5″. aka: Canadian Sherry), and Little Sherry (4’10”)! This is Little Sherry […]

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    Portrais | Aimee

    Even though Aimee didn’t study abroad with me, I met her in Taiwan, through Little Sherry actually! 🙂 She was really excited to be photographed. (Yaaay). She told me that I would LOVE the Pasadena City Hall. And YES. I love that place. The ground in the garden is like packed sand or something?! All […]