Portraits | Linda

This is other Linda! Technically I’ve known this Linda longer! 🙂 She studied abroad with me in Taiwan (along with Jenny, Pam, Little Sherry and others)!! She heard that I really want to go to Laguna Beach, and there we went! Oh my gosh. Seriously, the most incredible sand I’ve ever set foot upon. (No, I haven’t been to Hawaii yet ;D) It was SO soft and so fine. Sad to say that Vancouver sand can’t compare. But in our defense, we have Vancouver Island in the way!

Hi Lindaaaa!

🙂 Linda is super sun-safe. I love her sun hat because there’s a bow on it!

I definitely teased her a bit about wearing tights/flats to the beach …

See? Bow!

I tied that bow! 🙂 (Kind of proud…)

Woot. I’m actually really impressed that Linda managed to wear tights/flats at the beach without getting sand on her. Haha. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to do it!!

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