Wedding | Molly & Mike

I second shot quite a bit this summer, with a couple different photographers. I got to shoot with Laura Hana once: we were sharing Molly & Mike’s special day! I had a ton of fun that day, and all the kids at that wedding were ALL super cuuute.

The ring bearer. Isn’t he cute?

These were originally Molly’s shoes, but she had dropped something on her foot, and ended up wearing flip flops (which were probably more comfortable after a long day)

Detail of Molly’s stunning dress…

😀 She had GORGEOUS blue eyes.

🙂 So cute.

A quick portrait of Molly after she got dressed

Hanging out with Mike & his groomsmen before the ceremony!


BUBBLES! (They brought a SWEET bubble machine… It was great)

😀 A grandpa and his grandkid.

Groomsmen are always fun(ny)…

Mike, giving me his best Blue Steel look.

Molly was positively radiant!

Molly’s pretty bouquet!

Ya. I loooved her hair that day.

Instead of clinking glasses, Molly & Mike asked their guests to don a sombrero and ride this tiny tricycle for a kiss. The guests had to WORK for it.

Thanks so much, Laura, for having me come along and second shoot with you! You can see Laura’s take here.

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