Portraits | Elena (film)

And here we are! Film portraits of Elena! I already previously blogged the digital photos from the same day, but here are some film shots. Seriously, there’s a wonderful quality to film that’s just difficult to emulate in digital photos! Elena is my go-to girl. We’ve been super close friends for 5+ years now, so she said YES the instant I asked if she wanted to my film guinea pig. At the time of this shoot, I had only shot 1 roll of film (which was all flowers/miscellaneous objects), so it was interesting trying to photograph a person!

Camera: Nikon F100
Film: Fujifilm 160S, Fujifilm 400H, Kodak BW400CN
Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

I really like the vignetting on the right hand photo below.

Elena’s shoes! The bokeh from the ground, and the cold-ish tones make this photo almost remind me of a movie poster. (I have weird associations, please don’t judge)

We found this sweet silver van just on the side of the street…

Love this one <3

SUNSET light. Elena and I always have good light luck <3

Last roll of film we shot was Kodak BW400 CN. First roll of black/white film EVER (even when my family had a film point/shoot, we only ever shot colour film). Very exciting!!

Favourite from the b/w set!

Thanks, Elena, for having the patience to deal with me as I figure out film! 🙂 But after this experience, I am SO stoked to be trying more film!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I’m working out a way where I can try to incorporate some film during portrait sessions or wedding days!

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  1. You rocked the film! I’ve never shot with film since becoming a photographer, but these seriously have me itching to try. I adore the black and whites. Such a pure quality to them. Love, love love!!!

  2. Every time I see people’s film work it makes me FALL IN LOVE! Seriously, there’s something very special about it and different to digital!!! Ugh, I need to try it! GREAT work here, Sherry! I love it!

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