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I met Kaylin at SFU, at a strobing workshop actually! 🙂 Kaylin contacted me since she was looking for some headshots, and we actually rescheduled SO many times. BUT!! I’m really glad we did because we had some AMAZING weather when we finally shot 🙂 (Totally worth the wait, I thought ;D)

I love shooting near the Olympic Village along False Creek. So many good nook/crannies, and usually not too many people there either!

Kaylin and I, shooting under the bridge 🙂

A random TUBE. Part of a playground? Maybe?

One of the first times I’ve shot during midday sun. I REALLY like it <3

You’re so pretty, Kaylin! 🙂

We also went to the train graveyard for some photos. (It was really hard to climb onto that train… Maybe it’s just my short legs!)

More fashion-y.

🙂 Under the train? You betcha!

<3 the light here 🙂

Haha. Good form!

Thanks, Kaylin, for hiking all over the Olympic Village with me for these awesome photos! 🙂 Also thanks for showing me the train graveyard! 😀

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  1. So, so lovely Sherry! My gosh, I love the train graveyard. The textures and colors really added something special to the photos. 🙂

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