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Leah and I went to high school together, and her younger sister- Jess, graduated from high school this year! So Leah got in touch with me, wanting to schedule a portrait session with Jess. It took a couple weeks to arrange- since I was busy, they were busy, Leah was on a sailing trip… All sorts of crazies. But we had it sorted! We decided to meet at SFU (Burnaby campus) on a sunny evening. Leah texted me a couple hours before we were supposed to meet, asking if they should bring anything. I suggested pets, not knowing they had a dog. But I’ve always wanted to do portraits with a dog, so it TOTALLY worked out. Rollie is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, but she is JUST like a puppy. Haha. Super high energy. I’m super stoked about these photos because of the AWESOME light <3

So, photographing with a dog was definitely harder than I anticipated… 🙂

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Jess, you’re SO adorable! 🙂

We found this abandoned crook at SFU. Photo op!

On a rooftop? Yep!!

🙂 Sisters!

Yay for hair movement!

Jess has the most awesomest hazel eyes ever! I can almost see myself in the reflection too… Oh. And pebbles make for some sweet bokeh.

AW. We finally got everyone looking!!

Haha. Love this one.

Thanks for the fun times, Jess & Leah! I definitely had a ton of fun shooting you 🙂 Thanks for being up for all kinds of crazy things- and bringing Rollie along!! Best of luck at SFU in the fall, Jess!!

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  1. Sherry you were so fantastic to work with ~ Jess & I are over the moon about how these all turned out. Thanks especially for your patience with our not-so-well-behaved dog!!

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