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I just wanted to write a quick post and include some photos I’ve taken that really make me enjoy summer! πŸ™‚

On a walk with some friends at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody

Ran into an old friend, who was with a friend with this adorable dog πŸ™‚

A reflection of the sky in the water

Hanging out with my good friend, Sara-Jane and her cat- Cleo πŸ™‚

Meoow. People think Cleo looks “scary.” But she’s a Rex cat, and is hypo-allergenic!

The following flower photos are from SJ’s backyard. Her and her mom have super green thumbs. I have a brown thumb, and am not allowed to garden!

Fuschias are really pretty <3

πŸ™‚ LILY. They smell so nice <3

A quick portrait of SJ herself.


My current desktop photo… I love the summery colours <3

I’m off, gonna enjoy the summer as much as possible! (Well, as much as I can after long days of work with kiddos. They’re EXHAUSTING! I can totally empathize with parents…)

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