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I’ve known Pam for 4 years now! We met during an internship in Taiwan during the summer of 2006, kept in touch, studied abroad together in 2008, and have kept in touch ever since! She’s from California- originally the Bay Area, but now at USC for grad school. (Yay, Pam!)

She visited me (for the FIRST time) during the week of my graduation! (I am the one- always- flying out to see her!)

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Pam. Your Asian posing abilities amaze me.

Yep, she thinks I’m funny. ;D

Hey Pam, your silly face is now splashed across the interwebz ;D HAA.

Trying on my sunglasses…

I will have you know, world, that that giant flower clip is mine. AND SO IS THE BEAR! Meet Little Bear- whom Pam borrowed (read: kidnapped) for the week she was in Vancouver…

Totally had Pam wearing the headband on her forehead on purpose. So much more hippie-like!

Favourite šŸ™‚

Oh! I curled Pam’s hair too! Yay. I may be a tomboy, but I do enjoy girlie things too…

šŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting, Pam. And you know I’ll be down in California SOON!

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