Travel | East Coast (3/3)

The last leg of my east coast adventures! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t yet! 🙂 And see what I was up to…

On our way to Mount Vernon in Virginia. I love how you can just drive 30 minutes and end up in a different state! Haha.

Mt. Vernon is George Washington’s plantation. The White House wasn’t built yet when he was president…

Gee Dub’s crib.

Lady Washington! She was such as sweet lady.

The weather was AMAZING!!

Their greenhouse.

We also checked out Old Town Alexandria that night. Their street trolley!

Next day was Brian’s graduation. University of Maryland does all their graduations on the same day, so we did a graduation marathon and attended FIVE ceremonies that day. Haha.

My new sunglasses (from NYC) modeled by Brian’s friend Chris. Haha.

Esther’s puppy- Chance. SO cute.

University of Maryland has a graduation turtle!

My pony skirt from Anthropologie 🙂

Chris’s puppy.

Brian’s old room mate’s dog. SO cute.

We went and checked out some monuments at nighttime! This is the US Capitol!

Some pretty lights and the reflection.

This building is so freaking photogenic!!

Haha. And the light spring breeze got the flag blowing. It was so patriotic; it was crazy. Haha.

This was my favourite shot.

The Washington Monument! (aka, the pointy monument).

Lincoln Memorial!

🙂 Similar shot to the one I did in NYC.

The Smithsonian castle!

The US Capitol during day time.

Museum of Aviation! ALL the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall were free. AMAZING.

Museum of Natural History!

Hope Diamond. 45-some odd carats.

🙂 See what I mean about the wind? Flags do not blow like this in Vancouver!

🙂 Me!

Did I mention that Brian is a unicorn? Haha.

Lincoln’s abode.

A for ABE.

L for LINCOLN. (We are really cool. Really).

THE WHITE HOUSE. I don’t think Prez. Obama was home though. Haha.

And that pretty much concludes my east coast trip! It was REALLY awesome getting to see old friends (Brian and Sharleen) and meet new friends (Ericha, Ica and all of Brian and Sharleen’s friends). I really love visiting the east coast- and can’t wait to go back already! (Despite that, I’m still a west coast girl at heart! No sunset in 2 weeks! Mind boggling).

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  1. hahahah! You and your sunsets. Your night photography is AWESOME!!!!!! I love all these Sherry! Can’t wait to see you again (this time I’m coming to Van in Dec.!)

  2. Ooo! This looked like so much fun! I love your photos of all of the landmarks! I’m ashamed to say I’ve lived in the US my whole life and have never been to DC…

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