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Portraits | Ica

Just moved into our new house this week, and finally got internet access back last night. (We were without internet for SIX DAYS). How tragic. But I’m back, with TONS of new stuff to blog!!

Still working through and narrowing down which east coast photos I want to blog, but in the mean time, I have a couple portrait sessions from the east coast that I’d like to blog! So, I was on the east coast for 2 weeks, visiting friends, and sightseeing in Philadelphia, New York and the DC area.

While visiting my friend in Maryland, I thought, GEE. I know a photographer in the area: ICA (of Ica Images). Actually, as soon as I posted on Facebook that I was going to be heading to the east coast, she messaged me RIGHT away saying that we had to meet! (I was totally gonna message her, but she’s speedy and beat me to the punch)…

I got to meet up with Ica and her sweetie, Tim, on the University of Maryland campus (on the day of graduation actually). We hung out, ate dinner, took some speedy photos of each other, and grabbed some Yogi-Berry. (Nomomomo, frozen yogurt, how I love you so). Without further ado, I give you: Ica- who is SUPER cute. And despite her little size, has a HUGE personality and a hilarious laugh!! <3 <3 I miss you already! Can’t wait to hang out again!

Oooh, and I also got to use my new 35mm f/1.8 lens! <3 So lovely.

University of Maryland campus, straw hat, portraits, Maryland portrait photographer

I love this one. Tim was leading the way. They are SOO cute <3

Hello, cutie! I love your necklace!

We loved the yellow walls…

Super cute shoes. This girl is adorable all the way around! Seriously.

Oh. Haha, did I mention that she’s HILARIOUS? Super silly <3 <3

Haha. Told ya.

And yay! Thanks to Tim for patiently waiting for us and holding our bags. Haha.

It was really awesome getting to meet/hang out with you, and I hope to hang out with you guys again when I’m on the east coast next!! (I need to go to NY again~)

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  1. Love the focus and natural tones here!
    Really nice to see you’re from the same city as I am, I like your photography!

  2. AWWWWW YAY!!!! Sherry your awesome and I loved our time together … it was definitely not enough time .. so hopefully when you come back we can go crazy once more. I miss you too! These are ridiculously fun .. and you’re so sweet … and i am soo silly … I’m laughing at my own face. hahah … oh man so i have some catching up to do on my blogpost bout u dear! … just u wait!

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