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Engagement | Alina & Jason

I’m back from the east coast! 2 weeks, 4 flights, 3 bus rides, 6 states later, I feel so blessed to be able to just hop on a plane* (well, more than 1 plane, haha) and visit friends on the east coast. I spent an awesome 2 weeks with two of my friends from studying abroad in Philadelphia and Maryland. I’ll be blogging about my trip soon, and I also got to meet Ericha Farrington and Ica from Ica Images too!!!!!! Gotta go through all the photos from my trip, since every day was PACKED, I didn’t have time to do it while I was still on the east coast… ;D

But in the mean time, meet Alina and Jason- they are suuper adorable. Jason was a coworker of mine on my first co-op work term. We’ve kept in touch ever since, and I met him and Alina a couple times! They’re getting married this July, but I can’t make it to their wedding. So we decided to have some fun and take some fun engagement photos!! 🙂 The weather was finally starting to clear up, and I miss warm sunset light like this!! <3

We took photos at Rocky Point park in Port Moody. I love that place because there’s an awesome pier, and a trail that goes around the inlet…

port moody engagement photographer, engagement photographs of a couple at rocky point park

🙂 They were super cute and giggly.

So I really like the rays of sun and Alina’s hair in this next photo…

light rays, couple photos in port moody


Tee hee, so cute!! 🙂 I’m really that hilarious, I promise ;D I love how the little white flowers become bokeh <3 <3

And we wandered down to the sandy area for some photos too. Seriously, Alina was such a trooper! Who else goes to the beach in stilettos? Haha.

Ring shot <3

Hahaha. So it is really hard swinging with 2 people on one swing. Children were staring. Parents were probably shaking their heads at us crazy kids.

It was really fun shooting with you two, Jason and Alina! 🙂 I hope your wedding is AWESOME. Now I get to go unpack from my trip, clean my room, and pack to move. Oh, and edit photos from my trip and do an assignment for my distance education course.

OHOHOH! So I found out a couple days ago that I am approved to graduate!!! 🙂 !!! (Except I’ve been to 8 graduation ceremonies within 5 days on the east coast- so I’m pretty graduation’ed out, haha) I will be graduating with my BSc. in June! 🙂

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  1. I love these!!! Shot 7 scared me though! As I looked at it my first thought was that he had no head haha. Because you can only see a tiny part of his neck hahaha. i was like wait – what? haha. But then I realised my mind was playing tricks on me 😛 Great work!

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