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Portraits | Brian

More portraits from my east coast trip! 🙂 This is my friend Brian! We studied abroad in Taiwan together (in the Fall of 2008). I got to hang out with him for a whole week, and he showed me around the DC, MD, VA area. He graduated this year from the University of Maryland (which abbreviates to UM. Anyone else find that hilarious?)

On the UM campus, there’s this big flowery M. On graduation day, it was PACKED. Everyone and their moms wanted a photo there, so we went back the day after 🙂 *smarties*

Maryland graduation photographer, university of maryland, graduation photography

Haha. “Brian, can you do a cartwheel?”


“Go for it!”


I love how pensive he looks in this one!

I really liked the brick and columns of the UM buildings!

Haha. No way would I leave out jumping photos!!

“The Running Man”

Thanks for showing me around the east coast! 🙂 I had a ton of fun. (Travel photos are coming! I PROMISE…)

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