Travel | California: Road Trip Edition (3/4)

And we continue south in California! If you missed Parts 1 and 2, you can see them here and here, respectively…

I really enjoy photographing in the passenger seat.

I thought these trees were SUPER cute. (If any horticulturalist can identify them for me, I would love you forever)…

Our dirty window actually made for some interesting foreground bokeh! (No texture applied!)

The highways were so … open…

Driving down the 101! (Props if you can identify the song ;D)

We got to go to Disneyland!!

That’s me. And a leg of a turkey. Oh yah.

Sleeping Beauty’s castle at night! <3 After a fully (9-10 hr) day at Disneyland, we got in our car and drove south to San Diego! We wanted to avoid traffic as much as possible!! (PS. Last time I was at Disneyland, I was there with my friend for 15 straight hours. AND I drove to/from Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth!) Traveling just gives me SO much adrenalin. I don’t need sleep when I travel- truth!

Mmm. Our first brunch in San Diego. This was at “The Cottage” My omelet had an AVOCADO on it. OH MAN… om nom nom nom…

La Jolla!

Those are seals (or sea lions?) on the big rock…

I just wanted to show you that my friend Linus photobombs a LOT of photos. Haha.

PELICAN. These birds were HUGE. GIANORMOUS. And they flew really low in the sky…

Oh man. This smiley seal was SO cute <3 I wanted to pet him.

We found a curious squirrel too!

La Jolla is gorgeous. I would not mind living there…

I love cumulus clouds….

Underneath the La Jolla Pier. Scripps Institute of Oceanography was right behind me… I got ATTACKED by a wave too…

🙂 No trip is complete with a feet photo! Clockwise from the top right is Linda, Gladys (2 of my LA friends), me, Linus, Matt and Justin!

<3 See why I miss this place? <3

La Jolla Cliffs. You can kind of make out a giant mansion on the far cliff. Seriously, biggest house I’ve seen EVER.

Sunset watched from the La Jolla cliffs. (You can see the moon too! :D)

Sunsets are the ONE reason that I have to live on the West Coast… (I’m not up early enough for sunrises ;D)

On our second day in San Diego, we got to go to Sea World! We started the day by watching the Shamu show- which pretty much was the highlight of the day. Haha.

Oh hi, Shamu!

Omigosh. I loved the penguin exhibit though… I remembered that in elementary/middle school, I really LOVED penguins. And I really wanted to go to Antarctica to study penguins when I grew up 🙂

“Oh hey, little penguin.”

Ugh, I love them! <3

Just part 4 left! This makes me a little sad! I’ve relived my trip so many times just by going through these photos. I hope you can get a taste of California too <3

  • Sylvia Borgo - Wow! Your beach and sky shots are gorgeous, gorgeous and super gorgeous!

  • Alexandra - Wow, I am LOVING your wide angle shots! Seriously – those skies, the ocean – wow. Plus the squirrel shot was just so cute 🙂 Loved it.

  • Cathy Crawley - Looks like you had such a fabulous time and got to meet some cute animals along the way! I hope the girl on the killer whale isn’t the one who was killed recently! I wish I got to see Shamu 🙂

  • Chris - Amazing Animal Shots!!! Looks like you had a great time!

  • Harmony Loves - gorgeous images! And I live right by Sea World! we could have met, maybe next time 🙂

  • Ericha - Holy Moly!! Now THIS post is my FAVORITE!!!! I’ve got to see the Pacific Ocean and the Calif beaches. Wowsas! I’m totally in love with each and every photo here. The sealife, the beaches, the waves, the lighting, the palm trees…i heart everything about it! 😀

  • Gina - I can’t choose my fave! Love that squirrel one A LOT and the those blue skies are making me swoon!

  • Jennifer Britchie - These are great Sherry! Love the sunburst and the penguins espesh!

  • Chelsea - Beauuutiful photos per always. So jealous of your trip. <3 the Albert Hammond Jr, if that's what you meant 🙂

  • shannon - looks like an amazing time. these photos are gorgeous!!!

  • Steven Elmer - Ahhh, a bit of Phantom Planet… word up! I love this seriesSherry 😀

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