Travel | California: Road Trip Edition (2/4)

This is Part 2 of my Californian Adventure. (See Part 1 here, if you missed it). We are driving down the I-1 mostly. (Which turns into the 101 around LA). We took the scenic way down, and the I-5 back up north (at the end)… I really suggest driving on the 1 if you’ve never done it before. It is so stunning. The views are just incredible! It is windy though…

Welcome to Santa Cruz. Maybe it’s because it was February, but the beach was pretty deserted…

Tell me you wouldn’t want to live here…

Some bird flew through my frame here. (The borrowed wide-angle lens was seriously such a treat…)

Hey! It’s me! 🙂

The sunset, shot from the passenger seat of a moving car!!

We went to the Monterey Aquarium! <3 It was AMAZING.

I was so scared that I’d get pooped on when all these birds flew over my head!

Sea anemones are SO photogenic!

Omigosh. This photo of the smiling sting ray makes me SO happy. Oh hi, Mr. Ray <3 !


A different kind of jelly…


Weedy Sea Dragon…



Oh my gosh. This was quite possibly the most epic, amazing, gorgeous, stunning sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. There was a HUGE blanket of fog, and it was just surreal…

It looked like the fog was a giant blanket of fluffiness.

It was foggy JUST to the side of the highway. Must be the moisture of the ocean or something…

It was so amazing to be there at that moment.

The fog was a little patchy close to land, and this next image is my favourite…

We found some cows on the side of the Interstate 1. I got really excited and ran out of the car to snap some photos… I loved the fog…

My friends tried to run me over in the car. Not nice, I say!

Sun was setting!

At this gas station, we paid $4.59/gallon for gas. Since it WAS the last gas station for 40 miles! We tried to find the Big Sur, but we couldn’t. Probably because of all the fog…

The sun actually setting… <3

This is Matt, he can jump really high.

My (sad) attempt at jumping…

Justin and Linus hi-fiving.

The advantage of having a remote! 🙂 Group jumping picture!! I won’t tell you how many tries it took us though. Haha.

Oh. The fog rolled in as soon as the sun set, and the drive was pretty intense. Luckily, I wasn’t driving. (Thanks Linus!) But sitting in the passenger seat, I must say I was super nervous. We were driving below speed limit since visibility was < 20 feet. It was definitely an experience! I’ll be blogging Parts 3 and 4 shortly! 🙂

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  1. my gosh, i’m so envy of u!!!! All the wonderful places u’ve been, so amazing!

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  2. Ammmmazzzing pics Sherry – it looks like you all had the bestest of times. I am VERY envious – road trips are the greatest, aren’t they?!

  3. The aquarium shots are stunning. Looks like such an amazing experience. You’re so lucky to be young and free and able to make trips and memories like these.

  4. Wow. Incredible post, filled with awesome photos. Love the “the sea is as near as we come to another world” .. never thought of it like that 🙂
    Loving it .

  5. These are amazing! Love each and everyone of them!:D The sunset with the fog, the cows, the jellyfish and everything else were amazing. Such beautiful and adventurous post. Love it!

  6. Wow, the wide angle is amazing! Love the way you worked that all for the trip it seems, really nice! Incredible weather you had line up for you too! The fog is AMAZING!

  7. Sherry, there are so many beautiful photos here I can’t even list them. I started to keep a list in my head, but then a new one came up that I loved and then another and then I lost count. Amazing!

  8. Wow! These are so beautiful Sherry!! My favs are definitely the sea horse (my fav ocean creature) and all of the sunset photos. This post makes me want to go on vacation!! lol

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