Travel | California: Road Trip Edition (4/4)

And finally, we are on the last leg of my California trip. (You can check out Parts 1, 2, and 3 if you missed them…) Looking through these makes me wish I were back in California again! <3

This was one of the polar bears at Sea World! His ears were SO cute…

Aw, he plays by sticking his head in a garbage can…

SEA OTTER. Always cute <3

A seagull walking on this protective screen above our heads. It was interesting…

Seamore the Seal! He was super cool.

That’s pretty skillful, I must say.

Omg. Turtle hatchlings <3 SO cute.

Piranhas. They have such beautiful gold flecks on their bodies…

Omigosh, a Shamu VW bug. <3

Our last day in SoCal (southern California). We drove back to the Redondo Beach area from San Diego. The weather wasn’t as nice this day. I’m pretty sure it’s because California was sad that we were leaving…

Redondo Pier is where they filmed most (if not all) the pier scenes from The O.C.!! <3 (Marry me, Seth Cohen?)

Driving back from LA to San Francisco. (On the I-5N). The I-5 definitely is not as scenic as the I-1 or 101. But it is a lot faster!

<3 I miss the warm weather the most, I think…

Haha. A 6-hour drive gets boring really fast. Apparently Linus felt the need to fake bite my (giant) head. I swear, it’s just the distortion… :/ Or… my brain is big? :/

You can now see Justin in the back seat.

Remote. (I know the focus is off) But you can spot Matt sleeping in the back seat. Justin is usually asleep too. That’s the car dynamic.

SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP. (No one else was as excited as I was. Sadly).

Justin brought along a Quatchi keychain. (For those who don’t know, Quatchi is a Sasquatch, and he’s one of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots…) Anyway. Quatchi was bored and wanted some adventures too!

Quatchi wanted to hang out in that compartment. Sure!

Oh hey Quatch.

LINUS. EYES ON THE ROAD. But he just wanted a picture with Quatchi. (Who rather enjoys hanging out on the top of the steering wheel). Yes we were still driving (65mph on the freeway). No it probably wasn’t too safe.

Oh hey Quatch. Whatcha doing on top of my head?!

Rollin’ hills.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is our car at the end of a 2 week trip. The man who checked the car at the rental place KNEW we went to SoCal based on the bugs. Haha.

And that’s it! The Cliff Notes of our California Road Trip! It was so much fun (my first ever real road trip!), and the weather was FANTASTIC. We were chilling in t-shirts during the day, and the local Californians WOULD actually do double takes. Haha. Anyway. Classes end soon, projects/reports are due right after, then it’s FINALS time. I’ll probably blog sporadically, but I’ll be back for good in May! 🙂

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  1. Amazing shots! Glad to find another Seth Cohen obsessor out there 🙂 Love the photos of Quatchi on a lil’ adventure <3

  2. Okay…seriously? These are friggin amazing!! All I know is if I EVER went on a road trip…my pictures would HAVE to look like that. You did an amazing job…and I love your style 🙂

  3. I love the colors in here! They are so rich and beautiful. I wish I could tag along while you travel! (we don’t go places very often 🙂 Gorgeous!

  4. Wow, amazing photos and story. Loved all the parts, the images are so beautiful, Sherry! Now, let’s see if I remember all I wanted to say. Redondo pier is so beautiful, totally in love with the Shamu VW! Quatchi looooves to be shotgun, as I see. The orchards are so peaceful, and also love the piers ones!
    Oh, forgot the polar bears! 😀

  5. Seriously gorgeous landscapes. Perfect weather. Awesome timing with the animals.
    That shot of the seagull is really… creepy. Haha.

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