Jamie’s Yarn and Knits

Jamie is my co-worker, and she LOVES knitting. (And yarn, of course). She’s planning on printing Moo cards with photos of yarn/knits, with care instructions (for gifts, or sales). So she called me up and asked if I could photograph her yarn collection for her. 😀 Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous, since I’ve never photographed yarn before! It was pretty fun though, although my elbows suffered from some pretty intense carpet burn… (it’d happen to anyone who spent ~2 hours crawling around on carpet :D)

Heart buttons. I really love these buttons

Cool wire stars that Jamie doesn’t know what to do with yet…

This blue yarn is made from silk!!!

So cozy…

Pretty green matcha yarn. :] (This was my stroke of brilliance…)

Thanks Jamie, for inviting me along to photograph your (very impressive) yarn collection. I now have a billion photos to keep my computer desktop cozy all winter long! I hope you love these photos, and I can’t wait to see some Moo cards!

6 responses to “Jamie’s Yarn and Knits”

  1. Thanks for the blog comment! I’ve glanced through numerous posts and your work is awesome! =) I especially loved all these yarn pictures – the colors and textures are incredible! Makes me want to finish my baby’s blanket about now. lol.

  2. These images are so great. It makes me want to wear my cable knit sweater and cuddle up on the couch with a book and hot chocolate. Awesome job!

  3. Sherry, things are looking gooorrrrgeous around here! Love all of it, love the colours & the branding! Okei, and these photos… WOW! Talk about pop & texture! Love all the photos! And if she makes scarves – contact info please!

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