Halloween costume!

Okay, so I blog a lot. Too much, some might say. But I’m trying not to think about a lab report I have to write. Oh, and the midterm I have to study for. THIS IS A SHORT POST THOUGH! It’s super close to Halloween, and I don’t think I’ll get to party too much because of school and all- but I just have to share my sweet Halloween costume! I’m gonna be Snow White! YAYY.

No post is complete w/o a photo, so here’s a picture of me in my costume. :]

DSC_1363So, I was Snow White 2 Halloweens ago, with the same shirt. I bought a royal blue t-shirt, and made my own poofy sleeves. I had a different bow and skirt two years ago. But this year, I found this GIANT red bow headband, which was hint #1 that I’d have to revive the Snow White costume this year. AND then I got this amazing petticoat from Etsy, and the yellow skirt from F21. All signs pretty much pointed to being Snow White again for Halloween. So here it is! 😀

What/who are you dressing up as this Halloween? Leave me a comment~

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  1. yooo~~~~ i’m loving the new site!!! but at the same time, it’s keeping me from what little time I have to procrastinate for my two midterms tomorrow!!! garrrr

    Your Snow White pic is just begging for happy music in the background (with a skip and a hop :P)~ looove it!! and is that the same skirt/petticoat combo you wore to the end of summer party by chance?

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