Autumn Photographs

Ahh! All of a sudden, autumn is upon us! And quickly! Before all the leaves fall off the trees… I had to go out and photograph the gorgeous reds/oranges/yellows of autumn before all the rain turned the leaves into mush. (Despite having midterms!) The woes of being a student. It’s all worth it! Here are some images of mostly autumn leaves! (I am still LOVING the HUGE images that I can blog now!! 😀 😀 :D)

^ My dad actually artfully arranged these two maple leaves :]

Oh yeah, I love bokeh. ;D

I love how the rain beads on leaves…

So colourful!

One lone leaf..

Found this in my backyard.

One of our roses. I don’t think it’ll bloom now that it’s so cold…

I might not be the biggest fan of rain, but I have to admit that rain drops on (almost) any surface is super pretty!

Huzzah. Raindrop.

Oh yeah, not leaves. But this carnation was in a bouquet that we had. :] Just really liked the colour.
Oh autumn, you are beautiful. Except for the schizophrenic weather you bring. Maybe it’s just Vancouver. But soon enough, it’ll be winter…

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  1. Ahhh leaves on the ground! They haven’t even started changing colors down here in central Georgia, but these pictures make me want to go crunch through a pile right now! Beautiful images!!

  2. Love the new blog site, it’s adorable and delicious! LOL. So, I love these images too.. the bokeh is wonderful. Is that the 85mm? Wonderful!!

  3. Sherry you’ll have to come to UBC sometime to take fall pictures!! the leaves here are sooo pretty right now…..and extremely distracting during lectures >_<

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