Autumn Photographs

Ahh! All of a sudden, autumn is upon us! And quickly! Before all the leaves fall off the trees… I had to go out and photograph the gorgeous reds/oranges/yellows of autumn before all the rain turned the leaves into mush. (Despite having midterms!) The woes of being a student. It’s all worth it! Here are some images of mostly autumn leaves! (I am still LOVING the HUGE images that I can blog now!! 😀 😀 :D)

^ My dad actually artfully arranged these two maple leaves :]

Oh yeah, I love bokeh. ;D

I love how the rain beads on leaves…

So colourful!

One lone leaf..

Found this in my backyard.

One of our roses. I don’t think it’ll bloom now that it’s so cold…

I might not be the biggest fan of rain, but I have to admit that rain drops on (almost) any surface is super pretty!

Huzzah. Raindrop.

Oh yeah, not leaves. But this carnation was in a bouquet that we had. :] Just really liked the colour.
Oh autumn, you are beautiful. Except for the schizophrenic weather you bring. Maybe it’s just Vancouver. But soon enough, it’ll be winter…
  • Eric Foley - Wow! Great fall images. I love the details of Autumn.

  • Jason - Heya Sherry, great to see another another fellow Vancouver photographer! Some really nice work you got going on here!

  • Cathy Empey - Those are all amazing. Fall is beautiful isn’t it!

  • admin - It’s mainly my 50mm. 😀

  • Sylvia Borgo - Simply beautiful!

  • steve - Oh I could see lots of those selling with some inspirational quotes. Well done!

  • brit - Ahhh leaves on the ground! They haven’t even started changing colors down here in central Georgia, but these pictures make me want to go crunch through a pile right now! Beautiful images!!

  • Brooke - Love the new blog site, it’s adorable and delicious! LOL. So, I love these images too.. the bokeh is wonderful. Is that the 85mm? Wonderful!!

  • Lucy - Sherry you’ll have to come to UBC sometime to take fall pictures!! the leaves here are sooo pretty right now…..and extremely distracting during lectures >_<

  • jules - Beautiful pictures! I love raindrops too. 😀

  • ohana photographers - i love the “one lone leaf” shot!!

  • Brandi - It’s always fun to go find the details in nature. I get so excited when I see the leaves change color!

  • Lydia - The fall colors are beautiful! I love this time of year!

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