Kyla and Rahim | Sep 06, 2009

I was supposed to assist/second shoot this wedding, but Jordana texted me at 5am, informing me that she was in the ER due to some gastrointestinal virus… We settled some details, and off I went, to cover this wedding solo (eep)! It was raining in the morning, and I was pretty nervous. But we definitely lucked out for the portraits. It would rain when we were getting from place to place, but the rain would let up when we arrive at a particular destination. It ended up being pretty awesome. Their ceremony was at a mosque- which was a first for me. Portraits at the mosque, Deer Lake Park, Gastown, near Canada Place, then finally the reception at the Executive Inn.

Outside the mosque; since there were these cool columns.

Close up ring/henna shot! So pretty…

I love this candid photo!

There’s just enough wind to pick up Kyla’s hair. <3 <3 <3 . DSC_6525
Another candid



Who doesn’t love cake cutting? ;D

It was a great wedding, it being my first Ismaili wedding and all. :] And it was awesome working with Kyla and Rahim! Hooray on being married!

3 responses to “Kyla and Rahim | Sep 06, 2009”

  1. You did an awesome job! Nothing like a little stress and adrenaline to boost creative juices! 🙂

  2. Wow! Talk about a calling into a situation eh! Crazy! But awesome for you because you did a sterling job, Sherry! The photographs look EXCELLENT!

  3. Beautiful shots 🙂 You must have been so nervous to find out you were actually shooting solo haha. Great job though! I'm loving the henna!

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