Courtney’s Collection | Sep 19, 2009

Courtney was my ex-coworker from Build-A-Bear ;D And she goes to the Arts Institute for Fashion Design and Merchandising. For her final project, she had to design a line of clothing, and make 3 outfits. She asked me to take pictures for her portfolio showing, which I gladly did! Her line was very cute, a little vintage inspired and really wearable.

The 3 dresses she chose to made were all made from satin and lace. My favourite one is the pink one with the short sleeves. I just think it’s adorable!! I loved the others too though, don’t get me wrong. Ah, pretty clothes. Courtney and I found 2 models, Tiffany and Mic, who were both adorable and fantastic to work with! We shot in Courtney’s backyard/neighbourhood in Pitt Meadows, and her lawn was FRESHLY mowed. It was fantastic! Haha. We were worried for rain, but alas, the sun decided to grace us with its presence!! Awesome.

Two dresses. We had to be creative and photograph 3 dresses with 2 girls. My favourite dress is the one on the right.

Courtney’s gorgeous backyard! See? You can still see the tracks that the lawnmower left behind. Fresh cut grass <3. href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/sher-rex/3978224335/" title="DSC_7190 by Sher-reX, on Flickr">DSC_7190
The back of this dress was AWESOME.

Courtney has a well-type thing in the backyard. I don’t think it still works. But it made for a cute backdrop.

Mic’s little leap here reminds me of Lacoste ads. Non?

Second favourite photo! They skipped down a hill!!!

I loved both Mic and Tiff’s shoes. But Tiff’s on the right were AWESOME. Too bad they were real vintage shoes, and a size 5/6. Boo for size 8 feet.

Favourite!!! Walking back to Courtney’s house. The sun just came out. LOVE the sun!

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  1. What lovely photos you took! I love the concept and the combination of lace and pearls is just perfect!! I love them all:)

  2. Love that last photo with the sun. It's so…. alive! The lighting is natural and just wonderful! Good job Sherry! Yay for last shots being nothing short of amazing!

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