Herman and Sinan | Sep 26, 2009

Before this summer, I hadn’t been to a wedding since I was 6. Then, all of a sudden, WHAM, I think I’ve been to 10 weddings this summer (assisting/second shooting/shooting etc). Haha, funny how life works out.

Anyway. Herman is actually the only son of one of our family friends. (Hm, hopefully that wasn’t terribly convoluted..) He met Sinan at work, in Fort McMurray in Alberta! But his family was here, and hers live in China (and had to travel anyway), they decided to get married in Richmond- on a perfectly sunny and crisp late September date! I was super impressed by all their coworkers who also attended their wedding <3 So sweet. On to the photos! (Get ready, because there are tons) DSC_7991
The ring bearer- Sinan’s nephew. Haha, he had the bowtie on his head 😀

Arriving at the church

Before the ceremony, I found a piano. Jackpot! I’ve always wanted to do a shot like this!

Recessional <3 DSC_8769
This cake is quite possibly the best cake ever. It was a mango mousse/ice-cream hybrid…

CAKE CUTTING! I love this moment. (And the gorgeous window light)

The traditional Chinese character meaning double happiness. Ubiquitous at all weddings! Herman’s mom tacked the work in the awesome rose wreath.

We didn’t have a ton of time for portraits, b/c they had to prepare for the reception. But this one of them with balloons is too cute to pass up!

Also one of those shots that I’ve always wanted to do.

Oh Herman, you’re hilarious. Hahaha. (Completely unstaged photo…)


At the reception, there were tears…

…and laughter

The laughter had everything to do with Herman’s dad, getting on stage and doing an AWESOME rendition of an old Chinese song. In disguise and all…
The moment of revelation:

This was a long wedding, but it was also FUN! So glad and grateful that I got to partake in Herman and Sinan’s special day. Also, the sunny day was just perfect. It was a super fun wedding, especially since Herman and his dad are such comedians. All the best to the both of you! (Can’t wait until they have kids!!)

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