Ruby | June 13th

A total last minute shoot. :] Ruby told me she had a Juliet-inspired dress, and off we went to find the greenest part of Burnaby.

An interesting pose…

And Ruby also let me sneak into her house for a couple quick shots. This one by the window made the photo look incredibly vintage- and awesome.

We went outside again. I was on my belly in the grass for a fair bit of time that day. ;] I love, love, love the little yellow flowers!

Ruby insisted that she is such a tomboy. And to prove it, she climbed into this little creek and kicked water up.

I have recently realized that I adore profiles. I don’t really know why, but I always take a few on every shoot.

A little problem I had when editing, as noticed, is that I couldn’t get my stamp on all the images. I edited these in Lightroom using some presets I downloaded (www.presetsheaven.com), then exported the images. I then opened them in Photoshop, and I just couldn’t save some of them after stamping with my name. Maybe it’s the presets? I have no idea. I just left it for now. Maybe I won’t use presets next time. (But I like how they turn out!)

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  1. Thanks for the comments, Sherry! You have such beautiful work here! I absolutely love the colours in these, stunning!

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