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Ah, my third trip in February. Haha. I was home for 1 week in February and spent the rest of that month on the road 🙂 It was pretty amazing actually. But I did miss my own room/bed. This time, I went to Kamloops! We were originally flying, but apparently we checked in too late (1h10m before our flight!), and they ran out of seats. So last minute, we had to rent a van and drive up. Thankfully the roads weren’t too bad, and we made it in 4 hours. Our rental van odometer also *just* hit 1000km as we pulled into our hotel’s parking lot in Kamloops. Quite incredible! 🙂

Eating at The Art We Are in Kamloops. Excellent little cafe!! 🙂

I also had my first Jiffypop experience in Kamloops! 🙂 Thanks, Kristin! (She made a list of “Things Sherry Needs To Do”)

The cutest little antique shop between Kamloops and Clearwater (~1h north of Kamloops)

This was the drive back. Holy snowstorm, Batman!

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