Personal | March (food, mostly)

Back in March, I took a macaron-making class, and it was life-changing. Prior to that, I had read numerous blog posts and probably watched every single tutorial video on YouTube, but I was still afraid to make it on my own. I’m glad I took the class, since it was pretty awesome getting to see it in real life. And get some hands-on experience! Woot.

Steph, Richard & Kristin. My macaron-class-taking buddies!

Attempting to make macarons on my own, 4 days after taking the class 🙂

Ahh. They’re rising in the oven! (So exciting)

Walking around town with Cail!

Making kale chips with Cail (haha, get it get it?)

Cupcake making party on St. Patty’s Day.

Like I said. Mostly food-type photos in March 🙂

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