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My friend Linus bought a Mazda3 last… October, I think. But has recently done a slew of modifications to his car. And being the boy that he is, he wanted some car photos. Haha. Interesting challenge for me, since I don’t usually photograph inanimate objects larger than humans…

Let’s see what he has done: lowered his car, tinted back windows, metal pedals (forgot to photograph those), OH, and WAXED HIS CAR. Oh my gosh. The wax made his car (Eleanor is her name) so impossibly shiny. Haha. I had to photograph at creative angles to avoid getting my own reflections in the shots. This is good practice, for his NEXT round of mods, I guess ;D

We started out at Crescent Beach. We were totally racing for the sunset, but it got too cloudy- and there was NO SUNSET. Well, I think the clouds helped with the whole shiny-car issue…

surrey car photography, vancouver car photography at crescent beach

First try at panning shots. Didn’t bring my tripod, so it was hand-held. I’m gonna try it with a tripod next time!

Then it got dark. And out came the flash. Totally brought off-camera flash transmitter/receiver. But something wasn’t right because I only got a ~1m range… Haha. Should’ve read the instructions I guess.

I kind of like this next photo- even though it was kind of accidental…

Then we left Crescent Beach, because I already accumulated ~4 NEW mosquito bites, and Linus had 10+. So I ran home and grabbed my tripod before we headed up to SFU for some long exposure photos.

The light through the car was the headlights of a car behind it.


Black cars are hard to photograph. I’m gonna buy a yellow car- then it’ll be a lot easier for photos ;D

Middle of the street!

Middle of the street going down the mountain. I was on the median, and Linus is ducking in the car. Just in case any cars come. Luckily, we were able to grab a few photos before any cars drove by.

I’d say that was an interesting challenge. I’ll be ready for his next round of mods. (Eyelids, shark-fin-like antennae, new rims??? And I keep rooting for rectangular exhaust pipes. But that’s just me, haha).

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  1. Awesome photos! I love the car. It looks wonderful. These should definitely be in Mazda’s catalog, or a car magazine–any magazine for that matter!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. The photos are amazing! And yes they should be in Mazda’s catalog! πŸ˜€ Love the “accidental” one very very much!

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