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I took these photos in early March, the cherry blossoms hadn’t fully bloomed yet! I think they’re bloomed now, and I just need to find some time to go photograph them again! Argh, last month of classes, and EVERYTHING is happening: assignments, readings, a presentation, a lab report, a grant proposal, a portfolio, a take-home final, and 3 actual finals. And I just started working part-time again. Also, Image Quest is next week, so I hope to be meeting a ton of local photographers. The next 4 weeks of my life feels like it’ll be a blur! A good blur, I hope! 🙂

I love cherry blossom. They’re so small and pink and CUTE! 🙂 These were all shot with my 85mm f/1.4.

cherry blossoms in vancouver, vancouver portrait photographer

This year, a lot of cherry blossom blooms would just fall in a bloom and not petals. So odd. I made a little pile <3

Pretty short post for now. Gotta go finish some assignments! 🙂 If you’re going to Image Quest next week, I hope to see you!!! Dane Sanders and Jasmine Star will both be there too! And Vancouver’s own Blue Olive! 😀 Yeaaaah. I’m ready to LEARN.

  • Amanda - Beautiful! I shot the same kind of thing yesterday (even though I have no clue what kind of tree it was!). I hope you weren’t sneezing your head off like I was!

  • Cathy Crawley - I love these, Cherry blossoms are my fave <3

  • Jonathan - Hi Sherry! Thanks for the comments. OMG I LOVE those cherry blossom pics. I’ve always wanted to do an engagement session with those falling all around them. 🙂

  • Sarina Love - awww what pretty flowers!!! i love baby pink!!

  • Harmony Loves - I am loving these. I really like pictures of flowers and these are gorgeous. 🙂

  • Ashleigh - prettyyyyyyyy!!!! i love cherry blossoms!!!! 🙂

  • Ica - oh sherry these are wonderful. i love them and i love cherry blossoms too! i simply can not wait till they bloom here in the tidal basin in DC … its tooo gorgeous for words, you should come and see it one spring!!!

  • Brianna Phelan - This makes me so excited for Spring 🙂

  • Jenny - Soooo beautiful!! I want to hang those on my wall!!

  • Cindy - gorgeous, luscious, pink, delicious! so excited for Spring around here……

  • elizabeth pellette - just beautiful.. I cannot wait for our trees to start blooming

  • Stefano Choi - Thanks for sharing this set of beautiful images of Cherry Blossoms. I LOVE when they bloom and your 85 1.4 created some beautiful bokeh that just sealed the deal.

  • Laura Ivanova Photography - Oooh! Sherry these are so incredibly pretty! I’ve always wished that I lived in a place with cherry blossoms. Beautiful!

  • Sean - Coooool! The shots on the ground are really neat! Good luck with all the school eh 🙂

  • rachel! - lovely images! i love the layout and style of your site. 🙂 so greatt!

  • {15:51} photography - Ohhhhh…could you please send some of those my way…I could use them for a spring photo shoot that I’m doing!!!!!!!!

  • Ericha - These photos make me happy! I think because it’s been such a rough winter…. looking forward to spring and enjoying the warm weather! 🙂

  • Christine - These are sooo pretty! I can’t wait for everything to start blooming here 🙂

  • marissa moss - so beautiful! i think you could sell these as prints on etsy. they would be so sweet in a little girl’s room…

  • Marissa Rodriguez - One day I want to have a yard full of only cherry blossoms. *sigh* And hang in there, you have a super busy schedule but you can do it! Gorgeous pics by the way! 🙂

  • Gina - I love this post! Just so so so pretty! Makes me want to drink in spring… even though it’s snowing here in Utah.

  • Michelle Dixon - LOVE these!!! So beautiful!! I just HEART cherry blossoms!!!!!!

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