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I did this shoot back in early February, when Jose Villa was giving away a workshop seat to his Mexico workshop. We had to make a 12 second video about why we want to go. And I thought I’d spoof it and make a funny video. Mine didn’t get chosen, but I had a ton of fun. I rallied up some friends (Paul and Elena, who are actually dating, but not engaged NOR to be married any time soon, Sara-Jane, my backdrop holder, and Justin as an extra set of hands), a fake sunset, some tater tots (aka: Mexi-fries) and hit up a park! Thanks SO much for everyone who helped out. And you get to check out our ridiculous little shoot. :D:D

Here you see SJ holding our fake sunset, our lovely couple and ME!

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Haha. Getting ready for the craziness…

Yep. Feeding each other tater tots. Hahaha. I told you we were spoofing Mexico!

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Love this. Can’t you just see the speech bubble above their heads? “We wish we were in Mexico!”

Ah, and our sad sad attempt at imitating a Mexican sunset….

This shot pays homage to Jose Villa, who always does killer shoe shots <3

Yes, Paul is holding a burrito. Haha.

All silliness aside, I wanted to get some cute photos of them <3

Playing with textures here!

I love this one!!!

Haha. Getting sick of each other already?

Cast and crew 🙂

Even though I didn’t get picked to go to Jose’s workshop, I hope I’ll have to opportunity to go one day! :):) This was a ton of fun. Just wanted to thank my friends for putting up with me and helping out! 🙂

  • Katelyn James - Love these Sherry!

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  • Kelli Bramble - These are so fun! LOVE the fake sunset! 😀

  • David Bock - Fake sunset = awesome. 😀

  • ohana photographers - they are just too cute!

  • Jackie Jean - awe, these are so fun and creative 🙂 gotta love the fake sunset there hehe 😉

  • Harmony Loves - Girl, you are just way too cute! Love it! Clearly yours turned out better than mine, mine was a train wreck!

  • Ashleigh - these are soooooooooooooooooo cute sherry!!!! i love the tatertot shot! and the shoe shot is gorgeous!! 🙂

  • Chelsey - This is definitely one of my fave shoots you’ve ever done. I love the life in the pictures and the overall quirky, warm giddy love feeling you get from looking at these!

  • Jennifer Brotchie - so cute s h e r r y lu! you always look like you are having a fun time! p.s. caught a peek of you on Sean site, sweet!

  • Fola - Aww…sorry about mexico…they are such awesome friends..yay for that sunset…

  • Cathy Empey - Sherry! I love this post! I totally enjoyed hanging out for the past three days with Laura and you!

  • Michelle Dixon - HAHA this is adorable!!!! love the ‘fake sunset’!!!

  • Ericha - Haha Looks like you guys had a blast! You got some great photos and tell your friend I love her red heels! heheh! 😉

  • Sean - Smokin’ series, Sherry! Awesome posing, the entire series looks great! How awesome are the mountains in some of these! Beautiful even lighting too!

  • Geoff Heith - Haha…cute Sherry!

  • Jeanna Hayes - So adorable, Sherry! I’m sorry you didn’t get picked to go 🙁 But I must say – you are still great without it!!! Love these (especially the “sunset” 🙂

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