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Ok. Quickie blog post before going to bed… I woke up with a sore throat on Sunday morning and basically chalked it up to talking/yelling too much. (It happens, right?) But then last night, I started sneezing and sniffling, and this morning was just brutal! Thankfully my only class today was cancelled (my professor was in Toronto), so I got to stay home and finish my assignment and heal. But I really wanted to blog these photos of my friend Sara-Jane’s dogs. 🙂 Her family has two dogs, Whiskey and Daisy, and a cat named Cleo! They’re super cute, but you can judge for yourself…

Whiskers, aka Whiskey, is probably the MOST well behaved dog on Earth! 🙂 He sits and looks CUTE. I love his one floppy ear!! AHH.

Coquitlam dog photographer

This is Daisy. Not as well behaved, but still SUPER cute! She’s pretty hyper and can’t sit still.

Poodle cross

Whiskers <3

-blink- (omg so CUTE)

Whiskers WINKED at me! 😀

May I just point out the <3 shape on his nose?

A better view of the <3 on his nose.

Oh, Daisy…

Haha, Daisy makes a hilarious snarling face right after she yawns.

This is Cleo, who made a cameo appearance…


That’s all. I love going over and fawning over her pets. Haha, I am the crazy lady who baby talks to all animals. They probably judge me, but I just think they’re sooo adooowablleeee. I’ll be blogging about humans again soon- I promise! But 2 midterms next week, and my CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP to come. Haaaah. (Seriously, immune system, kick into gear and get rid of this cold already!!)

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  1. Haha! These are great! I love the 4th one up and is that a hairless cat? Very cute with the sweater…glad I’m not the only one who dresses up their animals. 😉

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