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So, if you barely know me, you’ll know I love shoes. Haha, I have an unhealthy obsession with them! But I can’t wear heels! (Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise…) Which just means that I have a lot of sneakers and flats! 😀 If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice that I tweet a photo everyday of the shoes I wear that day. *It’s my version of my 365 project*. You can also find the archives HERE. 😀

Yesterday, it was POURING in the morning, like a monsoon- without the warmth. I got assaulted by the rain for 20 minutes while waiting for my bus in the morning. Ugggh, it was awful. But then, miraculously, the sun came out FULL FORCE in the afternoon! I decided that I would snap some photos of my favourite Converses. 😀 I have 7 pairs, but these 5 are my favourites! 😀 One day, I might be determined enough to haul all my shoes outside for a photoshoot. I’ll need a suitcase or something of that size to transport them. Haha.

Yay, silver sequins, pink sequins, yellow with brachiosaurses, pink with t-rexes, black with hearts

I drew all the dinosaurs and hearts by myself!


It’s still winter, so no flowers. but I found some little leaves… (I think this will be a rose. Maybe).

Heh heh. Shoesies lined up.

Oh, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take a photo of ‘whats in my bag.’ This is what I have in my backpack; I tend to travel light if I just have a purse. But here you can see: Fujifilm Instax Mini camera, iPhone 3GS (white), card wallet (for my business cards), wallet, pink frilly umbrella, pink Berkeley agenda, pink R.S.V.P pen, amazing Tul blue pen, MacBook Pro, Stanford lanyard with my keys, Burts Bees lip balm, Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens, sunglasses (it’s Vancouver. I always have an umbrella and a pair of shades on me), spare pair of contacts, Minnie Mouse compact mirror/comb set, 1GB flash drive, excel gum, hand sanitizer, and dental floss! 🙂

I only just realized, after writing this entire post, that I forgot to watermark these images. But they are still mine!

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  1. YAY YAY YAY! I LOVE fellow shoe lovers! I have a terrible obsession too but lately it seems I’ve been really good since I’m trying to save money to buy more lens! I am in LOVE with the sequins converse, I am decided that I MUST have a pair with sequins also! I’ve been attracted to sequins and glitter lately! Great post!

  2. Sherry these are cute! I have never ever had a pair of Converse before :S But I like yours! The star photo could totally be a Converse add 🙂 You forgot to show what your bag looks like! hehehe I love purses.

  3. HOW CUTE ARE YOU? SO CUTE! Lovin all those shoe pics!!! they are fab! you would probably also like to know that my hubby wore chucks to our wedding 😉

  4. Love it! I have a plain black pair of converse, but I always wanted to get a kelly green version (favourite colour). When I went to get my first pair, unfortunately they didn’t have the high tops in green 🙁 You make me want to take a photo of what I carry around lol

    I would love to get together face to face over coffee or lunch 🙂

  5. You’re so cute! Shoe star = cool. You wouldn’t even want to see the things I horde in my bag… mother of two and a bag that easily weighs 10 pounds. Yikes!

  6. Ha you are so cute!! Love the pictures of your converse shoes. I to have an addiction to shoes…heck, I even keep them in plastic shoe boxes. My friends think I am weird!!!

  7. Haha I love this post Sherry! I love both photos of the Chucks lined up on the steps! I went through a phase where I collected sneakers too – I was all about Pumas and shell top Adidas. Cute mittens!!! 🙂

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