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On Boxing Day, I woke up around 11am, determined not to go shopping. I wasn’t really feeling like waiting in long lines, nor should I spend any money. And what a great idea. I noticed that it was sunny, with a tiny hint of fog. So a quick phone call later, my friend Elena and I were out on an impromptu photoshoot in this park in New West. I am SO glad we did it, otherwise I’d probably kick myself for having missed this EPIC light. Honestly, hands down, best light I have EVER shot in. Thanks Elena, for putting up with my slightly crazy behaviour when I saw this light. (Get ready for a slew of photos… Haha, I was reluctant to cull through blinking photos- that’s how great the light was…)

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE. All I did in LR was some brightness/contrast. No Photoshop overlay, NOTHING. AU NATUREL. Yeah.


This is what it looked like…

The mystical floating leaves.

Can I just say EPIC LIGHT?

Yes, she had a purple mask lying around. It was from a previous masquerade party!

Shameless self-plug: I made the headband! Concentric circles cut out of some polyester fabric, and held above a flame to encourage a bit of edge-curing. Then I sewed it together and glued to a headband πŸ™‚

I use this pose a lot, when I can find these fences. (The light made Elena’s skin SO beautiful!)

Oh, and I need to trademark this pose ;D

Work it, girl!

Fun on swings! πŸ™‚

It took many tries to capture the perfect hair-movement whilst swinging! πŸ˜€ GOT IT though!

This may be a little throw back to the 70s ;D

Some epic shoes that Elena bought in Romania. It was a little dangerous on the frosty ground. Haha.

(BEST. OUTTAKE. EVER) I love you, Elena! This makes me laugh so hard every single time…

This was what we were going for. Looking ecstatic whilst obtaining hair movement. And without a wind machine, all we could manage was Elena jumping, skipping, hopping and running toward me. Which explains the previous outtake photo!

After the sun disappeared behind a small hill, the fog really set in! Kinda eerie, eh?

This feels a little Ralph Lauren-ish… πŸ™‚

Elena is a tree hugger. Claims to be  tree-hugging since 1988!

Gorgeous light! πŸ™‚

Oh, last, we did a crazy 9-photo collage of Elena’s silly faces!

Thanks for getting ready in epic time and capturing the awesome light with me, Elena! I had a BLAST, and I will probably be comparing light to this day for years to come…

  • Amber Snow - Love the light in the first few images! And that’s a super fun face collage at the end.

  • Chelsea Nicole - Wow, now that’s some gorgeous light. Beautiful photos Sherry! Looks like you guys were having a fun time. πŸ™‚

  • Sylwia Kotlarz - the last set is so great, you had a lots of fun, I like the second one! and the light……….

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  • Christopher Elston Photography - Love the composite of 9 head shots! Awesome!

  • Erin - These are so cute. Great lighting. I love the ones of her on the swing.

  • David Manning - Awesome images Sherry! I really like the shot where she’s showing her brown mittens! Oh, AND the sweet pic of the trees with the fog rolling in! Great job Sherry!

  • Kara May - These are fabulous! Love the location and the sun flare. Awesome work!!

  • brooke bowland - beautiful! she sure can work it. oh and love your headband!

  • Laura Ivanova - OMG these are fabulous. The light is so yummy in every single shot. And, the styling…seriously, outrageously awesome!

    Oh, and I thought you looked familiar and then I realized I saw you on Sean’s blog- yay!

  • Izabelinda - Amazing light! I like this.

  • Chelsea Beck - Hi Sherry, gorgeous pictures! LOVE the light! Thanks for the blog comments! I actually used a Kubota action on that picture called edge blur modified

  • Serena Gene - Love the back light on these. So beautiful!

  • Ivy - what a beautiful session! I love the light and her smile =)

  • Deidre - Whoa – that is some serious light!! Amaaaaazing!

  • Jessica - WOW…LOOOOOVE THESE!!!!! Beautiful lighting!

  • Megan Garrison - Goooooorgeous lighting! Love the fun collage at the end πŸ™‚

  • Christine - Sherry these are gorgeous as usual! I love the second one where she is leaping in the air and the ones by the fence/on the fence. lol. What lenses did you use for this session? I love how creamy her skin tones are and how sharp the photos are. Great job!

  • cindee bae - ahhh.. look at the light!!! OMG!!!!!!!

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  • Sonja - Wowza! That light is insane; and your photography is beyond amazing! Love!!

  • Christine Pobke - um. you KNOW i totally dig the light. OMG!!! πŸ™‚ love love love these shots! and you made that headband? do you sell and ship to australia? πŸ™‚ tee hee. xoxo happy new years!

  • Raymond - Great photos Sherry! You captured her spirit well!

  • Cedric - awesome shots as always Sherry! πŸ˜€

  • Alexandra - Oh my god. This whole time I could have SWORN I had subscribed to your page, but obviously I haven’t because I haven’t seen any of these amazing posts. I’m LOVING the light in this shoot. I mean, seriously – it’s PERFECTION. Your friend is absolutely beautiful, beautiful hair, beautiful skin – and her SHOES!!!!!!!! I want to steal them … and also – that hair band – can’t believe you made it, so creative and artsy of you πŸ™‚ Loving everything about this post!

  • Samantha - these are fabulous Sherry! i love her charisma and her outfit is dope!! not to mention those tights. my favorite is the one of her through the fence. awesome job! πŸ™‚

  • Beth - Beautiful light!! Its so awesome that you were able to take advantage of it, and I’m glad you both had so much fun in the process! These are really great.

  • Rose - This session is stunning! I mean the light is something every photographer dreams about. Well the model is stunning to, and what to say about the photographer! πŸ˜‰ Love the boots [from Romania you say? She was in my country? So cool!! :D] Ah, and the hair band is amazing too, love it! And the weather is astonishing… we had here a fog yesterday you could not see anything! Wonderful post to begin the year!

  • Alissa Ferullo - These images are very interesting and beautiful!! The light is GORGEOUS and your friend is so very pretty. Love them!

  • Fola - Love it…The light was so beautiful and your friend is super gorgeous…Did you say you made the hair piece…Etsy girl..Etsy!!!
    HAppy New YEar

  • Nicole - Great shoot! I really love the fog photo. It looks so cool there!!

  • melissa oholendt - Love these shots – she is gorgeous. I love all her shoe / sock accessories! GREAT shots Ms. Sherry-Lu!!

  • Jackie Jean - what fun shots, love ’em! happy New Years πŸ™‚

  • Brooke - If you don’t mind me asking, is this a 50 or 85 you are using??

  • Brooke - These are my favorite from you! Totally, totally perfect Sherry! I am so happy you utilized the morning light and that your friend is so beautiful, even in the early morning! Sheez! These are awesome!!!!!

  • Ashleigh - that light is EPIC!!! what a fun shoot!!! happy new year sherry! glad i “met” you LOL! can’t wait to for realz meet next year πŸ˜‰

  • Brianna Phelan - I love the lighting in the first shot and the fog one is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  • Vanessa - Sherry- these are gorgeous! What beautiful light!!! Love em’

  • Ericha - OMG Sherry!! What a fun shoot!!! I wish my friends were as willing as yours! hahah! I love this session. Love, love, love the 6th one down – exposed PERFECTLY!!! I also really adore the 2nd to last one! and you are right….5th one from bottom is sooooo eerie!

  • Kasey - Gorgeous light in these! Fabulous photos!

  • marissa moss - happy boxing day! i don´t actually know what boxing day is… but yours seems to have turned out quite nicely! πŸ˜‰

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  • andrea blair - *sigh* in love with these miss sherry! The light of my dreams!

  • Janet Ketonen - I LOVE these!

  • Mandy Jill - She’s obviously a fun model to work with!! And that light…everything you said about it was true. I missed most of it that day but did get to catch the last little bit before sun down. Epic is right!

  • Renee - Sherry, I love, love, love these. What a fantastic shoot. I think 17 is my fave, but it’s definitely hard to pick!

  • {15:51} photography - Not fair!!!! Our boxing day consisted of about 5mms. of ice all over everything and the inability to go more than three hundred metres without seeing a car in the ditch! Lovely, wouldn’t you say?!?!?!?! BUT…if I’m going to be envious of your weather…then I might as well confess my envy towards all of the glorious pictures too πŸ˜‰

  • Gary - wow, that’s some amazing light. The photos are very natural too.

  • Tiffany Choi - wow, those eerie trees looked fantastic
    and your friend’s high heels are killer. KILLER.

  • Elena - hehe, I’ll probably be wondering why my skin doesn’t look so flawless in other pictures as well for years to come :). I’m so happy we got so lucky! And I really feel like the photoshoot screams prep, which is definitely not something I had anticipated would happen!

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