Jenny | July 5th

Once I heard that Jenny had a darn sweet crinoline/petticoat, I kneeeew we had to use it during her shoot! 😀 This was the first time that I got to help pick out someone’s wardrobe! It was pretty exciting. Like playing dress up- but for a person. (This must be what stylists do!)

We went to shoot by False Creek, right around where the Olympic Village is being built. I had no idea that there was such awesome little piers/benches there. (And super new too!) Not to mention, a pretty stellar view of Vancouver!

Jenny is super awesome, and I’ve known her for 2-ish years! She also had the awesome Betty Paige-inspired bangs. That, of course, had to be paired with RED lips! Yay. Enough rambling- on to the photos!

Jenny, by a little river/creek area.

I can’t believe our luck! We found amazing tall grass in the MIDDLE of Vancouver! Wow.

Haha. What is a petticoat w/o twirling?! NOTHING. Obligatory spinning photo!

Sitting on these giant rock steps by the water

Jenny is a perfect porcelain doll!

This photo makes my heart fuzzy. The jump is amazing. The hair is perfect. The empty bridge was unbelievable. And the perfect symmetry of the skirt/petticoat is just the icing on top! (swoon)

The contemplative artist photo!

Thanks Jenny! You were fantastical. Thanks for showing me to this part of town that I had no idea existed!! 😀

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  1. These are so awesome! They are so clean and crisp. My favorites are the jumping shots 🙂

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