Alison | July 10th

I went on a photoshoot with Alison on Friday. After picking out her wardrobe and everything, her mom actually invited me to eat dinner with them. Haha. So strange. It was good though! After that, we wandered around her neighbourhood looking for cool places to shoot. We even had a few wardrobe changes.

We saw this very cool old, broken bike. Of course, I had to snap a photo of it!

I realize now that none of my photos are in chronological order. Oh well. This was towards the end, when it started getting dark. We found a cool tunnel with a lot of graffiti!

I love, love, love the evening light! (And little jumps) I like odd things. This is pretty FANTASTIC!

Alison wanted a photo of her sitting in the middle of the street. I was more than happy to oblige. Of course, we both were looking out for cars!

I think this is my favourite from the day. A series shot of see/hear/speak no evil.

A very unique pose.

Haha, good ol’ laundry room fun! :] Alison was a real trooper. Sure wasn’t easy posing on top of a washer/dryer set.

Hm, this might be my favourite too. I adore bokeh, and this kind of light. I also tend to repeat myself a lot.

Thanks Alison, for a fantastic time!! 😀 I’m glad we spent time at the beginning of our shoot researching poses. Cause these shots are FAB.

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  1. you have some really beautiful work here!
    thanks for the comment on my blog…always love to hear from new readers 🙂

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