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  • Personal | Quinoa Salad Recipe

    I’ve been *loving* quinoa lately! It’s so tasty, and perfectly light for summer! My family now eats it instead of rice, but every now and then (for potlucks/barbeques etc) I’ll make a quinoa salad to bring. It’s pretty darn easy- and I don’t even cook! Ingredients: – 2 small cucumbers – 1 tomato – Juice […]

  • Personal | Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

    Can for Comment! 1 comment on any blog posts until Dec. 31st = 1 can of food donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society! :] I found a recipe for Earl Grey shortbread cookies online and was VERY intrigued. Earl Grey is probably my favourite tea EVER (I love London Fogs :] Mmmm). This […]